The Independent Practice, Optimized.

Let’s face it. The independent practice is an endangered species. This sad fact is true of individual practices as well as those of even 10, 20, or more physicians. The avalanche of compliance, insurance, contracting, and other administrative issues have forced many to join large healthcare organizations or leave the practice of medicine altogether.

There is a better way.

Instead of outsourcing EHR, IT, billing, compliance and other important functions to multiple companies – none of whom work together – you can instead choose an alliance with MD Optimance.

Our passion is to help the independent practice not just survive, but thrive.

Independent practices are vital to the future of healthcare. After all, there is nothing more important than our health. The personal touch a well-run independent practice can offer in these days of uncertainty and consolidation is more essential than ever. And that’s something we take very personally. We look forward to teaming our passion for independence with yours.


EHR Implementation, Training, Management, and Maintenance

One size doesn’t fit all. We’ll help you make the right EHR decisions.

Information Technology

Decisions, decisions, decisions. We’ll help you make all the right ones.

Group Purchasing

There’s strength in numbers. We can help you apply that strength to your bottom line.

Operations and Financial Management

A proven business model to help you thrive in an uncertain future.

Revenue Cycle Management

We keep a constant vigil on the vital signs of your practice.

Regulatory Compliance

Sleep better, worry less, practice more.

Real Estate Advisory Services

Expanding? Moving? Just thinking about it? We can address it.